We did it! First meetup was a success, thanks to everyone who came and to the presenters who shared. After the presentations we had a good discussion of what everyone was working on including successes and areas of difficulty. Following up with people afterwards I think the format we may use going forward would be the following

  1. Presentation (one or two presenters)
  2. Prior to the meetup people share code or issues through twitter (a gist would work), and we discuss.

Honestly, I feel like those two items would be enough to cover a 1 - 2 hour block of time. Depending on how much community involvement for item 2 would help gauge how often we meet as a group. As always, I’m open to feedback but feel its necessary to say what I’m thinking to start the conversation. :)

Finally, slide decks. They can be found here: https://github.com/kcpsug/kcpsug.github.io/tree/master/_slides